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Sparklines in Big Number charts

Mode's Big Number charts are great for communicating high-level trends. Adding a sparkline to a Big Number chart shows your audience how the metric has performed over time.

Add a sparkline to a Big Number chart

The example below shows a Big Number chart revealing the count of San Francisco crime incidents weekly, and features a sparkline showing the trend over time.

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Click Powered by Mode to duplicate this report and add a sparkline to your Big Numbers chart. Learn more about using HTML to customize your reports.

Add the stylesheet link and script tag to the top of the HTML:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=''></script>

This tag calls back to an open-source library called alamode.js, which provides an easy way to build some of our users' favorite visualizations.

Add the customizable snippet at the bottom of the HTML:

  	  "query_name": "Query 1",
  	  "value_column": "crime_incidents",
  	  "x_axis_column": "week"
  1. chart_id: The ID of the Big Number chart you want to turn into a link. You’ll find this ID in the pre-populated HTML code in a line that looks like this: <mode-chart id="chart_52fb8c96df3f" dataset="dataset" options="chart_options"></mode-chart>.
  2. query_name: The name of the query that returns the Big Number chart data. If you update the name of the query, you’ll need to update it here as well.
  3. value_column: The dataset column that contains the y-axis values of your metric.
  4. x_axis_column: The dataset column that returns the values on your chart’s x-axis.

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