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Mode is the fastest path from question to insight

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Mode unlocks and accelerates human reasoning by providing an unreasonably fast, unexpectedly delightful path to investigate ideas, analyze data, and make great decisions as a team.

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50,000+ analysts use Mode

Mode helps
data teams tell stories

that can change their business' destiny.

Mode is a modern analytics and BI solution that combines SQL, Python, R and visual analysis to answer questions faster.

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founded in San Francisco, CA.


of the Fortune 500 use Mode.


Queries are run in Mode every day.

Mode’s Story

Mode was founded in 2013 by Derek Steer, Benn Stancil, and Josh Ferguson. While at Yammer, they recognized the need for a collaborative analytics platform for those who worked on the frontier of data analysis.

Mode streamlines analyst workflows with a self-serve experience for business users. This dramatically reduces time-to-answers and makes it easy to share actionable data insights and stories across entire organizations.

Work culture at Mode

Remote-first philosophy

Mode team members can be based anywhere in the United States. We have an online-first communication policy and provide stipends for coworking spaces and home setups. Our San Francisco office is available for those who want to come in.

Commitment to pay equity

Our structured compensation policy ensures fair pay that’s based on market rate data and workplace impact rather than the ability to negotiate.

Actively fostering diversity

Inclusion will never be an “initiative” for us. We engage in difficult conversations and build trust around fostering an inclusive environment; here’s our diversity stats for each quarter.

Connecting, even when apart

Our optional, inclusive events help the team bond remotely, and in-person when safe to do so. From remote movie nights, game nights, hack days, and coffee meetups, we make sure there’s something for everyone.

Focus on professional development

We invest in our employees’ growth; 100% of the Mode team that’s been here for 18 months has received at least 1 promotion or merit-based compensation increase.


We're honored to be backed by a group of incredibly insightful investors, including David Sacks and a number of other angel investors.

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