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We’re clearing the path from data to action

Mode is the modern business intelligence platform that unites data teams with business teams to build analytics that drive business outcomes.

Our approach to modern business intelligence

Today, just looking at data isn’t enough. What’s important now is pulling strategy from it and applying that strategy to business. We at Mode believe that starts with building a product around the best practices of the most modern data teams.

Our modern business intelligence platform is ushering in a new era of data—one that doesn’t pit different teams against each other, but that instead fosters company-wide collaboration. We’re integrating how data is used across businesses, and also integrating go-to data tools for a winning experience. Our customers are on the forefront of an exciting data journey. We innovate so they never have to stop discovering.

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Mode facts


founded in San Francisco, CA


queries are run in Mode every day


of the Fortune 500 use Mode


founded in San Francisco, CA


queries are run in Mode every day


of the Fortune 500 use Mode

Our leadership

Photo for team member Benn Stancil

Benn Stancil


Photo for team member Daniel Leventhal

Daniel Leventhal

VP of Engineering

Photo for team member Emily Ritter

Emily Ritter

VP of Marketing

Photo for team member Florian Schouten

Florian Schouten

VP of Product

Photo for team member Gaurav Rewari

Gaurav Rewari


Photo for team member John Hyun

John Hyun


Photo for team member Josh Ferguson

Josh Ferguson

Chief Architect

Photo for team member Kamala Parvathanathan

Kamala Parvathanathan

VP of Operations and GM, India

Photo for team member Lizz Harrell

Lizz Harrell

VP of Corporate Sales and Customer Success

Photo for team member Sakima Johnson

Sakima Johnson

SVP of People

Photo for team member Srikant Gokulnatha

Srikant Gokulnatha


Photo for team member Taylor Holland

Taylor Holland

VP of Business Operations and Data

Photo for team member Wes Heavner

Wes Heavner

VP of Enterprise, Global, and Channel Sales

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