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Ad hoc analysis

Decisions powered by data

All the data tools you need, all in one place. Answer the hardest questions and provide best-in-class decision support to every level of your organization.

All the power tools at your fingertips

One-off analysis is what drives your business's most impactful and rewarding decisions. While that work rarely happens in the confines of a pre-built data model, it's less impactful when siloed. Mode's ad hoc analysis tools provide the power and flexibility you need to get high-impact data in front of decisions.

SQL, front and center

SELECT, FROM, and WHERE all you want with a full-screen, dedicated SQL editor. Write as many queries as you need to start making sense of your data, all within a single report.

One query, endless visualizations

When you get the query you want, run with it. Go deeper into your data, more quickly, by building as many charts as you need on top of one set of results. Build anything from a simple line chart to a dual shared axis chart, and almost anything else you can imagine.

One-click notebooks

That’s right, we put stats in a BI tool. Now it’s easier than ever to pull SQL query results into your notebook. Build advanced analytics and share the whole notebook or just a couple of output cells, no dev environment needed.

Tell the whole data story

Make sure everyone sees exactly what you’re seeing. Build and share a Mode report with commentary alongside tables and charts to build out a complete, data-backed recommendation on someone's business challenge.

Turn your analytical work up to 11

When ad hoc and self-serve reporting live together on your BI platform, you can do so much more, so much faster.

No need for dev environments

Usually, fresh Python results require an entire dev environment. With Mode, just share a link.

Run results whenever

You’re no longer a blocker for teammates requesting updates from you. Now, as long as they have the report, they can click “run” when they need to.

The end of the siloed project

Save ad hoc work to collections, search by SQL syntax to find work from other teammates, and build on it from an organized, collaborative platform.

Exploration for all

Our explorations feature clears up business teams’ questions and confusion, letting them dive into other cuts of data and even build visualizations of their own.

Lean into dashboards

Ever go into an ad hoc project and come out with a dashboard? Us too. So we made it easy to turn a one-off into a shareable, inbox-ready dashboard.

Reusable datasets

Codify go-to data into datasets that can be used as code-free starting places for self-serve reporting.

Mode saves approximately 30% of my productivity, so that I can focus on the big questions.

Neil Chainani
Data Science Lead

From ad hoc to governed, without switching tools

Raw data when you want it, modeled data when they need it. In Mode you get both, making it easy to answer cutting edge new questions, and maintain existing logic as your business evolves. The rigidity of other BI platforms is a thing of the past.

Curated datasets for every team

Build SQL-powered datasets so that business teams can start exploring data and finding answers to questions – and follow-up – without code.

Governed metrics, powered by dbt

Move hardened, semantic understanding into dbt, and surface it programmatically in Mode reports. That way, you can be sure each key metric uses the same logic.

Modern Business Intelligence

Beyond BI as you know it

Behind every great idea is really great data. Mode is the single platform to unite data teams and business teams around analytical work.

Platform overview

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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