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Curated, reusable building blocks to power self-service

Create and distribute verified, canonical datasets to teams throughout your business, simply by writing SQL. Curate the dimensions and measures teams need to explore data and build reports on their own.

Scale your data team’s impact

You know that query your team uses across a zillion dashboards? Codify it as a reusable dataset to power multiple reports and reduce database load. Then open it up to direct code-free exploration for the teams who rely on it most.

One dataset, multiple reports

Reduce database load by running centralized datasets on a schedule to power multiple reports throughout your business.

Increase data literacy

Inspire self-serve data exploration and exposure to data power tools by building confidence-inspiring jumping off points.

Amp up data discovery

Curate robust datasets into team collections to help reduce repetitive requests before the ticket's ever filed.

Write SQL get self-serve

Define your datasets using the code you know and love.

Inspire self-serve reporting

Start a data exploration from a dataset, a dbt metric, or a query. In any case, Visual Explorer, Notebooks, and the Report Builder are just a couple clicks away. Finally, BI actually for everyone.

Built for scale

Centralized logic

Need to make definition updates across multiple reports? Make it once in the dataset and the logic will cascade across reports that reference the dataset.

Local calculated fields

Let people experiment with their own calculations on top of the centralized dataset within a one-off report.

Fast explorations

With data cached in Mode's in-memory data engine, you can power rapid-fire drag-and-drop explorations, without impacting your data warehouse.

If you’re the one who needs to figure out why something spiked last week, you have to go deep - a basic line chart isn’t good enough. With Datasets, we can give our teams the level of detail they need to self-serve, in a way that can be easily updated by our team in one place.

Adam Smith
Analytics Manager

Dive in, share out

Datasets are just the beginning.

Go deeper on datasets

See how datasets can power self-serve reporting.

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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