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Advanced Analytics

Next-level analysis, delivered

Perform complex statistical and predictive analysis side by side with simple charting. And when you share advanced analytics with your business teams, you can uplevel the data at the center of everyone’s decision-making.

Answer the most complex data questions

Unlike other business intelligence tools, Mode has all the features and capabilities you need for your advanced analytics questions – all in one platform. Switch from SQL to a fully equipped Python and R notebook environment in a click. It’s a game changer.

Delivering BI you didn't think possible

Standard reporting is table stakes. Mode takes reporting to the next level, enabling data teams to deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics right alongside descriptive reporting.

Predict at risk customer accounts to prevent churn

Forecast revenue attainment

Find customer segments using clustering

Sentiment analysis from NPS

A/B testing to inform marketing spend efficiency

Cohort analysis to understand feature adoption

Querying and joining data in SQL and exploring and visualizing in Python let me iterate quickly with the customer success team to understand what would be most valuable, and get them the data in the way they needed.

Danyel Fisher
Principal Design Researcher

Everything at your fingertips

Working with advanced analysis methods is hard enough. Mode makes the data and tools instantly accessible so you can analyze with fewer obstacles blocking your path.

Start with data you know and love

Start from an ad hoc SQL query, jump off from a reusable dataset, or explore a metric powered by the dbt Semantic Layer.

Use the best libraries for the job

Choose from 60+ popular Python libraries, or add the ones you need via pip install.

Time to share your findings

Once you uncover those deeper insights, share them over to your team to influence strategic, forward-looking decisions.

No need for a dev environment

Your business team partners can check out relevant output cells directly from a report, or they can choose to check out an entire notebook – from the convenience of their browsers.

Insights that run like clockwork

After adding notebook outputs into a report, create a schedule to regularly run and distribute it as a way to enlighten your stakeholders with timely, essential knowledge.

Modern Business Intelligence

Beyond BI as you know it

Behind every great idea is really great data. Mode is the single platform to unite data teams and business teams around analytical work.

Platform overview

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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