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Integrated notebooks

Pull outputs out of their silos – and into your dashboards

With Mode, SQL results are immediately available in your first Input cell. One click and you're ready to predict, model, forecast, create stats, and more.

Python and R output cells, where they belong

The results of your Python and R analysis are no longer relegated to your notebook dev environment. They’re front and center in your dashboards to give you the access you need.

Jump right in

Write SQL and start analyzing your data.

Predict what happens next

Answer not just 'what' but 'what's next' with predictive modeling and forecasting in Python.

Share in multiple ways

Share a link to your whole Notebook, or add specific cells to your dashboard.

Notebook-powered business intelligence

Easily add the contents of your output cells to reports.

Share more advanced analysis, more easily

When data teams and business teams can access company data, you can both ask the sorts of head-scratching questions that bring your teams together. Then you can discover next-level insights together, too.

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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