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Custom data apps

Data apps, built by data teams

Build powerful internal tools and customer-facing reporting. Embed anywhere. Customize everything.

Building Blocks

Customize everything

When is a dashboard no longer just a dashboard? When it allows for complete HTML customization under the hood. Mode's simple-on-the-surface report builder lets you do exactly that. Deliver exactly what your business teams and customers need to use data to the fullest.

Customize every part of your data app with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Mode’s APIs – right within your reports.

Custom apps that evolve with you

As you scale, no tool can give you everything you'll need out-of-the-box. Mode lets you build completely custom internal tools for thousands of use cases.

Customer account lookups

Support ticket investigation

Customer product usage

A/B test result lookup

Historical marketing campaign performance

Internal data portals

And anything else you can imagine

Building The Mode Portal has given my team full control over the user experience and how we serve the business and their data needs.

Danielle Carrick
Director of Data Visualization Engineering

Modern Business Intelligence

Beyond BI as you know it

Behind every great idea is really great data. Mode is the single platform to unite data teams and business teams around analytical work.

Platform overview

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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