Reports and dashboards for instant insights

Analytical work doesn't start with stagnant reports and dashboards. Mode lets you ask a question, ask many more, iterate and repeat.

The building blocks for great data exploration

Reports and dashboards are the building blocks you need for data exploration, collaborative analysis, and impactful decision-making. All in workflows and languages you already know and love.

Tell data stories for insights to any question

Reports and dashboards coupled with the speed of Helix, our in-memory data engine, gives the spark your data needs to become problem-solving narratives.

BI Reporting

On top of building and visualizing reports, Mode’s collaborative capabilities make it simple to automatically share findings.

Find out how Stitch reduced time spent reporting on core metrics by 80%

Product Intelligence

“Since the shift to remote work, we’ve seen a huge increase in new users. Mode helps us make sure this lasts.”

Clancy Slack


Imperfect Foods went from a model that predicted orders a few weeks out to predicting capacity instead. Mode reports help operations with changing trends.

Watch how Imperfect Foods manages constantly changing customer demand

Customer Lifecycle

The data science team at Greenhouse predicts customer churn by writing SQL directly, then sharing results in Python notebooks & reports.

Learn how Greenhouse saved weeks of report and dashboard development time
Particle pattern

Data teams move faster in Mode