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Reports & Dashboards

Fresh data. Any time. Anywhere.

Mode helps you deliver data in all its forms: a simple data table on a schedule, a one-off writeup, and, yes, even that explorable dashboard your execs dive into every morning.

Easy-to-understand insights, delivered

Combine Mode’s interactive and intuitive building blocks in countless ways to build all types of insightful reports.

Explain your latest deep dive

Create and reuse custom formulas on your existing query result set.

Dashboards that wow

Intuitive actions give you precise control for deeper data exploration.

In your inbox, every morning

Present data in a wide range of interactive charts, pivot tables, and more with Visual Explorer.

So much more than a dashboard

Create an automatic cadence to make sure the teams who need to view your report are seeing the freshest data.

Better tools behind the scenes

These are the top-tier tools you need to build game-changing reporting for better team innovation across the board.

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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