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Embedded Analytics

We built the charts, so you can build something better

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Delight your customers with their data

White-Label Embeds make it easy to integrate custom, interactive analytics into your application.


Powerful reporting that looks right at home in your app.


One Mode report can power in-app reporting for all of your customers.


White-Label Embeds are engineered to ensure the right customers see the right data.

“White-Label Embeds enabled us to effortlessly provide meaningful data to our partners and customers”

Amiel Shapiro
VP Product, Eko

Fast track to production


Connect your analytics warehouse to Mode. Using our robust SQL editor, rapidly prototype the queries needed to serve insightful data to customers.


Layer dashboards on top of your SQL results using our out-of-the-box charts. Or, write your own visualizations using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We keep the visualization code and query connected to make development and QA a breeze.


Once you've built your connected queries and visualizations, add parameters that define how and when customers can update the content. Parameters provide the flexibility needed to manage database load when serving in-app reporting.


Embed analytics in your app using JavaScript or an iFrame. Sign embed requests with URL query strings to ensure your app shows the right data to the right customers. Adding the back-end code to generate signatures takes just a couple of minutes.

Three ways to deliver

Get analytics in front of customers in a snap using out-of-the-box charts or completely customize the experience to fit your brand.

Use our charts

Layer Mode charts right on top of your SQL results. This is the fastest way to get powerful analytics into production.

Customize Mode styles

To make the experience more seamless, customize our standard report elements with your CSS.

Create your own

Use data visualization libraries like D3 or Leaflet to build something completely custom. We'll store all your visualization code right alongside your query.

“White-Label Embeds keep our analysts close to the data and our developers close to the code. Fast prototyping, ease of deployment, and per-client customization keep the overhead low, and let us focus on writing software that rocks.”

Kyle Luzny
Software Engineer, Molecule Software

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