Customized embedded analytics for your business

Scale your reporting with branded analytics embedded in your application

Quickly build embedded reports from code

Write a query

Use our SQL Editor to rapidly prototype the queries needed to serve insightful data.

Create parameters

Define how and when customers can update the content, providing flexibility to manage database load.

Visualize your results

Layer dashboards on top of your SQL or write your own visualizations using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Embed reports in your app

Insert analytics in your app using JavaScript or an iFrame to delight your customers with data they need.

Our custom reports are one of the “wow” factors when we’re demonstrating the Molecule app to customers.

Dustin Whipple

Read how Molecule uses embedded analytics to deliver real-time data to customers.

From out-of-the-box charts to total customization

out-of-the-box charts to total customization

Use our charts

Layer Mode charts right on top of your SQL results.

Customize styles

Style our report elements with your CSS.

Create your own

Customize visualization with libraries like D3.js and Leaflet.

Try embedded analytics

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