Speed up with a shared, online SQL editor

Analytical work organized in one place

Share and search analysis

Quickly find reports, then share them with our Slack and email integrations, or via URL.

Set Definitions, create shared knowledge

Analysts can establish logic once and changes will get propagated to all underlying reports.

Reports update automatically

Schedule reports to go out regularly to your team, knowing that they’re refreshed with the latest data.

Analyze and deliver data faster

Schema browser

Explore your connected database to easily find tables and columns.

Query history

Access previous versions of queries and their results.

Auto complete

Move faster by inserting tables, columns, and Definitions as you write your queries.

Advanced logic

Add loops, if statements, and other logic to your queries using Liquid.

SQL is just the beginning

Customize your visualizations

Visualize any SQL result with Mode’s native chart builder and add a personal touch with our HTML editor.

Extend analysis in Notebooks

Your query results are automatically piped to the notebook for advanced analysis in Python or R.

Programmatically manage APIs

Manage workspaces, members, and data or write, build, and distribute reports with webhooks and APIs.

Collaborate on SQL, move faster