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At Mode, we’re a remote team building a product that helps people analyze and explore data to find answers. We’re also building a community that embraces visible and invisible diversity, encourages healthy balance and professional development, and fosters a shared sense of humility and gratitude.

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The maturity, experience, and selflessness that everyone brings to the team make working at Mode a dynamic and healthy day-to-day experience.

Franklin Clark
Senior Software Engineer

Remote-first philosophy

Mode is a remote-first company with an online-first communication policy. We provide stipends for coworking spaces and home office setups.

Commitment to pay equity

Our structured compensation policy ensures fair pay that’s based on market rate data and workplace impact rather than the ability to negotiate.

Professional development

Employees at Mode regularly receive thoughtful feedback, resources for development, and work with colleagues committed to their success and growth.

Benefits and perks

Flexible and generous PTO

We encourage our employees to take a break when they need it.

Medical, dental, and 
vision insurance

We care about our employees’ wellness and offer a variety of healthcare plans, most of which we pay 100% of the premium.

Retirement benefits

We offer plans that will support you in your long-term financial goals.

Parental leave

We offer very generous parental leave for our new parents.

Equipment and coworking reimbursement

If you need a desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, or mouse, we’ve got you covered. Need to find an office setting? We can accommodate that, too.

Referral bonuses

We want our employees to feel invested in Mode; if they recommend a successful candidate, we reward them.

Our values


We exist for our customers

We look at ourselves through the eyes of our current and future customers. By deeply understanding and being empathetic to our customers’ needs, we make decisions about our product and company with them in mind, resulting in us growing more effectively as a business. 


We’re here to win

By delivering for our customers, we deliver for ourselves—building a transformative product and an enduring company. We recognize that our success isn’t a given, and we must earn our place in the market. To win, we must outperform our competitors and think big, delivering results that exceed our expectations.


We win as a team

We work hard, together, because we’re here to win as a team. We benefit from the focus, effort and intellect of those around us. This does not mean consensus; rather, we have clear decision makers, provide them with varied perspectives and trust in—and commit to—the decisions they make, moving forward together with an open mindset and being held accountable for our decisions.


We champion openness

We believe in open communication. Openness requires offering and receiving words in good faith: being curious when asking questions leads to better answers; giving feedback that is constructive leads
to actionable results; and assuming positive intent leads to building trust and productivity. Openness also requires inclusivity:
we proactively listen to seek different perspectives and welcome other points of view to expand our own perspective.


We move fast

We strive for the highest standards of quality, but perfection cannot be the enemy of good. We make quick informed decisions so that we can deliver with speed. We are empowered to take risks, and sometimes we will make mistakes, but the key is to fail fast so that
we can quickly pivot.

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