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Modern BI for Data Teams Leading from the Center

It’s time to get more from your data

The modern data experience requires a full reframing of people, processes, and tools: less service desk, more influence. This starts with centering your data team to drive driving from the front office—not the back. Own, create, and maintain the central data hub everyone relies upon to make confident, accurate data-driven decisions, regardless of their data analysis skillset. This is the future of business intelligence. Read on to learn how modern data teams can start leading from the center.

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How to Lead from The Center: A Guide for Data Leaders in a New Era of BI Transformation

What would it take to turn your data into a true competitive advantage? As we embark into the next phase of BI, data leaders are asking themselves again, ‘What should the modern data stack do for my team today, and how can it drive the business forward for years to come?’ Read this paper to take a deep dive into three key practice areas for data teams to improve both their influence and revenue impact on the business.

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A singular platform to turn organization knowledge into a competitive advantage

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End-to-end self-service reporting, your way

Mode’s newest feature is now live in beta: Datasets. Datasets are a reusable and curated foundation for self-service, that makes maintaining and scaling your data, efficient and cost-effective. Datasets creates a layer between your data warehouse and Reports, allowing for more control over governance, centralized logic, and data usage.

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Now we have a much more collaborative process. We meet with business teams weekly and show them what we’re thinking. We’re not building a dashboard and giving it to them; it's a much more iterative, feedback-based process—you asked us this big question, what do you think about this?

Adam Smith

Analytics Manager

Adam Smith

Analytics Manager

Get more from your data

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