Problems with probability

AMA: Andy Kirk, Data Visualization Freelancer
Some of our favorite responses: advice for aspiring sports analysts and tips for promoting better visualization practices in a large organization resistant to change. - r/dataisbeautiful

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Analytics Spark Growth
From setting the right KPIs to sending events to the right place, here are the steps every company should take to make their product and marketing analytics worthwhile. -

The Media Has A Probability Problem
In the final installment of a series reviewing news coverage of the 2016 general election, Nate Silver explores the challenges of calculating, interpreting, and communicating probabilities to the public. - FiveThirtyEight

Fast GeoSpatial Analysis in Python
If you get frustrated by the sluggishness of Python’s GeoSpatial stack, check out this experiment. Combining Cython, Dask, and GeoPandas sped up the mapping of 120 million geospatial data points by 30x. - Matthew Rocklin

R Studio Community
R Studio recently opened up a forum. It’s a great place to hang out with other R users, talk with R package developers during open office hours, or ask newbie questions if you’re intimidated by Stack Overflow. - R Studio

News from Mode

How to Find Data Talent for Your Team
We know how hard it can be to hire in today’s competitive market for data talent. Cut through the noise and get your post seen by a passionate and active community of analysts, data scientists and data engineers on our Data Jobs Board.

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