January 14, 2016 4 minute read

2015 in Review: What Questions Did Analysts Ask?

Melissa Bierly

Content Marketing

In 2015, people used Mode to answer thousands of questions. As we looked back on the year, we were curious about trends across companies. Despite folks from a wide variety of business types—SaaS and retail and healthcare and myriad others—using Mode to make data more accessible, we wondered if there were common themes. How did people use data to improve their businesses?

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May 11, 2015 4 minute read

Cohort Analysis That Helps You Look Ahead

Image of author

Benn Stancil

Chief Analyst

A standard cohort analysis, like the one commonly seen in Mixpanel

For people who analyze customer behavior, the table above is a familiar one. This Mixpanel chart measures retention rates across different user cohorts. By moving down the table, you can see how retention is changing over time.

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