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Analytics Dispatch 6/6/2022

How non-analysts can use Mode

How Non-Analysts Can Take Advantage of Mode: Tips for Stakeholders
Our goal is that those who are not on the data team can use Mode comfortably and get the answers they need daily without waiting for the data team. - Mode Blog

After Millennia of Agricultural Expansion, the World Has Passed “Peak Agricultural Land“
The world produces more food than ever, but the amount of land we use is now falling. This means we can feed more people while restoring wild habitat. - Our World in Data

How Should Analysts Spend Their Time
How to do more of the work that matters and less of the work that doesn’t. - Inside Data by Mikkel Dengsøe

Physiognomic Artificial Intelligence
This paper covers how computer vision is a central vector for physiognomic AI technologies and unpacks how computer vision reanimates physiognomy in conception, form, and practice and the dangers this trend presents for civil liberties. - Fordham Intellectual Property, Media, & Entertainment Law Journal

The Technical Pay Gap
The culture we build is the culture we buy. - benn.substack

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