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Analytics Dispatch 5/9/2022

How the pandemic changed homebuyers’ preferences

How the Pandemic Has Changed American Homebuyers’ Preferences
Since March 2020, American house prices have risen by 33 percent. But the increase has not been evenly spread. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdowns and restrictions it inspired, have changed where homebuyers want to live. - The Economist

This end-to-end real-time event collection, pipelining, and aggregation system allows you to rapidly bootstrap streaming analytics. - Silverton.io

TESTING 1, 2, 3
Data Tests and the Broken Windows Theory
Despite all their promise, data tests too often end up not living up to their full potential. - Inside Data by Mikkel Dengsøe

Data types in Arrow and R
Apache Arrow is a powerful multi-language toolbox for data exchange and data analysis. But to use it effectively you do need to learn more low-level concepts that R users like to skim over. - Notes from a Data Witch

Creating Confidence Intervals for Machine Learning Classifiers
"Confidence intervals are no silver bullet, but at the very least, they can offer an additional glimpse into the uncertainty of the reported accuracy and performance of a model." - Sebastian Raschka

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