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Analytics Dispatch 2/14/2022

The future of coffee

Mode's Diversity Report for Q4, 2021
Having an inclusive culture and diverse team is important to us at Mode. To hold ourselves accountable to improve representation at all levels and departments, we’ve committed to publishing our diversity numbers each quarter. - Mode Blog

How I Made the Viral Map
This a nice walkthrough of how to make a U.S. state trends map in R from scratch. - Data Stuff

Startup Opportunities in Machine Learning Infrastructure
From the perspective of an investor and previous early-stage operator in the space. - Leigh Marie Braswell

What Climate Change Means for the Future of Coffee and Other Popular Foods
By 2050, the total land area that’s suitable for growing coffee will likely decrease, with the best places for growing coffee shifting away from the tropics. - National Geographic

Business in the Back, Party in the Front
Over the last decade, we’ve reached consensus on how the back of the data stack should look: get the data in with ELT, store and transform the data in cloud data warehouses, etc. How we handle the front of the data stack — the consumption layer — is still very much up for debate. - benn.substack

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