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Analytics Dispatch 10/18/2021

The narrow AI research path

AI Research: The Unreasonably Narrow Path and How Not to Be Miserable
Apparently, there are two paths for AI research: industry and academia. And they’re all hiring the same kind of people, with the same rigid rubric. - Roseanne Liu

NHL Analytics With Python
Datasets don’t get much better than this. The NHL has an undocumented data API with everything from team schedules and rosters to every single shot that was taken on the ice. - Towards Data Science

What I Learned About My Writing By Seeing Only The Punctuation
Pop in a few things you’ve written, or text written by your favorite author, and get a cool punctuation visualization in return! - Creators Hub

How Wadhwani AI Uses PyTorch to Empower Cotton Farmers
By using PyTorch, Wadhwani AI researchers have been able to create a model that is able to accurately predict the location of pests within cotton crops. - PyTorch

Chasing Ghosts
The data community talks a lot about tools, but what about the work of analysis itself? Because most corporate analyses are proprietary, it’s hard to learn from others’ work and improve. - benn.substack

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