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Analytics Dispatch 7/19/2021

Breaking data viz rules

How Our Award-Winning Customer Support Team Built a Best-in-Class Tech Stack
With this comprehensive system of cross-functional workflow platforms, our relatively small customer support team has been able to decrease our response time by 9 minutes and maintain a CSAT Score of 94%, well below the industry standard. - Mode Blog

Data's Big Whiff
How to escape our dashboard rat race, learn from data, and love the job again. - benn.substack

Visualizing Distributions With Raincloud Plots With ggplot2
Why boxplots can be problematic, how to improve them, and alternative approaches that can be used to show both summary statistics as well as the true distribution of the raw data. - Cédric Scherer

How to Become a Better R Code Detective?
How do you go from viewing the code as a big messy ball of wool to a logical diagram that you can bend to your will? These tips will help you get better at debugging and reading R code written by someone else (or, you know, you from two years ago). - Maëlle Salmon

Why You Sometimes Need to Break the Rules in Data Viz
This post walks through five commonly-held beliefs about data viz and shows situations where it might make sense to go against the grain. - The Economist

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