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Analytics Dispatch 6/14/2021

What the heck is a data mesh?

Now Live: Mode University + Revamped Help and Support
Mode University is our new learning platform and resource center, designed to help teams adopt best practices and level up their analysis. (And we made it easier to navigate our help docs too!) - Mode

What Really Happened When Google Ousted Timnit Gebru
This is the most in-depth piece we’ve seen about Google’s unceremonious dismantling of its Ethical AI team and the tensions inherent in an industry’s efforts to research the downsides of its favorite technology. - WIRED

When Are Templates Going to Happen?
The core assumption behind templates is that everyone's data is mostly the same, and everyone's business problems are mostly the same. That's only half true. - benn.substack

The Humble Hash Aggregate
“If I had to pick a single programming concept where understanding it is like a superpower, it would probably be the hash map (aka in Python, the humble dictionary) because I've seen the pattern come up in almost every kind of data/programming work I've ever done.” - Vicki Boykis

What the Heck is a Data Mesh?!
“What we need... is for organizations to treat data with the same care that they treat any other public facing API.” - Chris Riccomini

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