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Analytics Dispatch 4/12/2021

How to invest in junior talent

Now Live: Create Calculated Fields in Explorations
You can now create new calculated fields within Explorations without affecting the underlying report. Local calculated fields will allow business users to more deeply explore their data without having to ask their analysts or write any SQL code. - Mode Blog

Mode’s 2020 Diversity Report for Q4
Having an inclusive culture and diverse team is important to us at Mode. To hold ourselves accountable to improve representation at all levels and departments, we’ve committed to publishing our diversity numbers each quarter. - Mode Blog

Building Powerful Data Teams: On Investing in Junior Talent
“As a Data Director and manager of a 5-person data team, I'm obsessed with how we can more efficiently, and with a lot less shame, go through that cycle of learning from mistakes.” - Brittany Bennett

Why Is Self-serve Still a Problem?
“Analysts and non-analysts use data in structurally different ways. By conceptualizing self-serve BI as a simplified means for doing an analyst’s job, we’re not only making the self-serve problem too hard—we’re solving the wrong thing altogether.” - benn.substack

Your Local Police Department Might Have Used This Facial Recognition Tool To Surveil You. Find Out Here.
This database shows if the police department in your community is among the hundreds of taxpayer-funded entities that used Clearview AI’s facial recognition. - BuzzFeed News

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