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Analytics Dispatch 3/15/2021

Daylight savings gripes

How Much Minimum Wage Changed in Each State
Here’s a plot of minimum wage by state, from 1968 to now. Some states went up, some follow the federal minimum, and others don't budge. - FlowingData

Introductory Time Series Forecasting With Torch
“In this post, we build a network that uses a sequence of observations to predict a value for the very next point in time. What if we’d like to forecast a sequence of values, corresponding to, say, a week or a month of measurements?” - RStudio AI Blog

Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion: Formerly Gang-Involved Youth as Domain Experts for Analyzing Unstructured Twitter Data
Folks who train algorithms, take note: this mixture of social work and data science is a shining example of how to create AI with a positive social impact. - SAGE Journals

The Data is in the Details
A great R tutorial for how to extract data from difficult Excel files, complete with a public repo for you to test the code on. - Gavin Masterson

Daylight Saving Time Gripe Assistant Tool
How much is Daylight Savings Time the bane of your existence? Choose your ideal sunset and sunrise times and find out. - Andy Woodruff

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