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Analytics Dispatch 2/8/2021

Running your data science team

Mode’s Customer Support Team Brings Home a Gold Stevie® Award for Customer Support
Since joining Mode in 2017, Asha Hill has been rebuilding Mode’s entire customer support team operations from the ground up, supporting Mode’s international customer base of thousands of active users. - Mode Blog

Wrangling Penguins: Some Basic Data Wrangling in R With dplyr
A great tutorial for data cleaning in R. - Allison Horst

Growing and Running Your Data Science Team
“An effective data science team is like the goose that lays the golden eggs. Sometimes, we focus too much on the eggs (i.e., results)—how can we get more, faster? As a result, the goose (i.e., team) can get neglected.” - Eugene Yan

This Is How We Lost Control of Our Faces
Over the last 43 years, facial-recognition researchers gradually abandoned asking for people’s consent. Now, more and more personal photos are used in datasets without their owners knowledge. - MIT Technology Review

Spatial Information and the Legibility of Urban Form: Big Data in Urban Morphology
An interesting look at how data science can be used in urban planning. - International Journal of Information Management

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