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Analytics Dispatch 1/11/2021

Baking with machine learning

Baking with Machine Learning
A ML-powered tool for understanding the science behind what differentiates a cake from a bread or a cookie. - Sara Robinson

Simple Tricks To Up-level Your Analytics Reports
This is what happens if your report is missing the proper context: “Most executives will take a look, realize the difficulty in interpretation in 15 – 20 seconds, and go back to shooting from the gut. Even if the report has hidden gold.” - Occam’s Razor

The Pudding Cup
The best visual and data-driven stories of 2020. - The Pudding

What Is Data Justice? The Case for Connecting Digital Rights and Freedoms Globally
“This paper posits that just as an idea of justice is needed in order to establish the rule of law, an idea of data justice – fairness in the way people are made visible, represented and treated as a result of their production of digital data – is necessary to determine ethical paths through a datafying world.” - Big Data & Society

R 101
Teaching Different R Syntaxes to Beginners
Is base, formula, or tidy(verse) syntax best for teaching Intro to Statistics? - Amelia McNamara

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