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Analytics Dispatch 1/4/2021

STEM Ph.D. not required

Your Data Scientist Does Not Need a STEM Ph.D.
Here’s a list of rebuttals for almost every argument you’ll hear for using a STEM Ph.D. as hiring screening criteria. - Towards Data Science

Machine Learning Is Going Real-time
What does real-time machine learning even mean? How is it done? What are the use cases? - Chip Huyen

Data Science Practice 101: Always Leave an Analysis Paper Trail
Any analysis deliverable should travel with documentation that shows the full path the analysis took, from the raw data pull all the way to the deliverable, including queries and code, and links to previous analyses and raw data dumps. - Counting Stuff

The Underlying Values of Machine Learning Research
An analysis of the 68 most highly-cited, influential ML papers of the last few years finds that the majority don’t mention societal need or negative consequences. Instead, these papers assess themselves according to a set of values internal to the field. - Resistance AI Workshop

Corporate Reporting in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
“Companies have long seen annual reports and other corporate disclosures as opportunities to portray their business health in a positive light. Increasingly, the audience for these disclosures is not just humans, but also machine readers that process the information as an input to investment recommendations." - National Bureau of Economic Research

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