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Analytics Dispatch 12/28/2020

How bad is your Spotify?

Get Ready for 2021: Create a Single Source of Truth for Your Data With Core Concepts
To help teams access and explore key business KPIs, we’re recommending that companies use our own internal model of Core Concepts to build a strategic single source of truth for your data in Mode. - Mode Blog

Webinar Recap: Datasets That We Wanted to Take a Second Look at in 2020
World events in 2020 put a big spotlight on data. From COVID maps to election updates to economy tracking, many of us kept refreshing data charts to get answers on what was coming next. - Mode Blog

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Algorithms May Cement Health Care Inequalities
Many of the algorithms used by federal and state governments rely on data from the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census regularly undercounts vulnerable populations. - VentureBeat

Basic Data Science Q&A
This is a great thread to scroll through: “What is a data science or career question that you're afraid is way too beginner, but would love to ask someone in the field?” - Data Science Renee

How Bad Is Your Spotify?
You’ve seen your Spotify Wrapped. Now have a pretentious AI insult your taste in music. - The Pudding

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