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Analytics Dispatch 11/23/2020

Election night with Biden’s data guru

We Can’t Reverse the Division of Our Country Without America’s Corporations
Consider this a call to my fellow CEOs: let’s acknowledge that politics exist in the workplace. Let’s shape our companies to deliberately produce better outcomes for the world. - Mode Blog

Lessons Data Teams Can Learn From the 2020 Election Polls
The question of whether we should produce political polls is akin to asking whether we should use be using imperfect data to inform business decisions. - Mode Blog

Election Night with Biden’s Data Guru
This is a fascinating look into the world of political data and analytics. Chief Analytics Officer Becca Siegel was a critical part of Biden’s campaign, raising early alarm bells about unrealistically friendly polling data and pushing for more appearances in Georgia during the final stretch. - Intelligencer

Is Facial Recognition Too Biased to Be Let Loose?
“Amba Kak and others support a moratorium on any use of facial recognition, not just because the technology isn’t good enough yet, but also because there needs to be a broader discussion of how to prevent it from being misused. - Nature

Creating a Custom Corpus
If you want to use natural language processing (NLP), you need a corpus (a collection of texts) to work with. Here’s how to build a corpus of one’s own. - Python in Plain English

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