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Analytics Dispatch 10/19/2020

Augment, don’t automate

Bayes Rules! An Introduction to Bayesian Modeling with R
The first five chapters of this book are available for free. Says Max Kuhn of RStudio: “This is one of the most clearly written books on Bayesian analysis that I’ve seen. Lots of practical advice and intuition.” - Bayes Rules!

The Impact of COVID-19 on Black Communities
In many states, the Black percentage of total cases/deaths is greater than the Black percentage of the state population. - Data for Black Lives

How Quickly Will Your Absentee Vote Be Counted? A State-by-State Timeline
If you’ve been wondering when your ballot will actually get counted (or your family’s or friends’ ballots in another state!), The Times has you covered with this data viz. - The New York Times

Characterising Bias in Compressed Models
It is not just the data. Popular compression techniques can amplify bias in deep neural networks. -

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