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Analytics Dispatch 9/21/2020

The hardware lottery

Mode’s 2020 Diversity Report for Q2
At Mode, we’re serious about building an inclusive culture and diverse team. We’re publishing our diversity numbers each quarter to hold ourselves accountable to improving representation across all departments and levels. - Mode Blog

Debunking Narrative Fallacies with Empirically-Justified Explanations
Stitch Fix’s Chief Algorithms Officer Emeritus says it best: “When observing trends in metrics, beware of the narrative fallacy. We are wired to find explanation even when there is none. We make up stories to match the data.” - MultiThreaded

Array Programming with NumPy
NumPy is one of the oldest Python packages around, and it still plays a central and leading role today in scientific computing across a ton of fields. - Nature

Data Organization in Spreadsheets
Get some practical tips for organizing spreadsheet data to reduce errors and make later analyses easier. - The American Statistician

The Hardware Lottery
Does this sound familiar? A research idea wins because it works well with the available software and hardware and not because the idea is better than other research directions. Then you, my friend, have been playing the hardware lottery. - Sara Hooker

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