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Analytics Dispatch 8/10/2020

Algorithmic colonization of Africa

Now Live: Get Faster Insights With Calculated Fields in Mode
You can now use the same query to answer hundreds of questions, instead of editing lengthy SQL queries—making your workflow more efficient and delightful. - Mode Blog

Announcing Our Series D
With this investment, we’ve ventured beyond “by analysts, for analysts” because the best analysts collaborate across the organization. They empower anyone with analytical ambitions to easily make discoveries or simply satisfy their curiosity. In that sense, we can’t really be for analysts unless we are for everybody. - Mode Blog

How Do Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers Work With One Another?
This thread offers a look into the wide range of ways companies structure their machine learning and data science organizations. - r/datascience

Monitoring Data Quality at Scale with Statistical Modeling
Based on historical data patterns, Uber’s Data Quality Monitor automatically locates the most destructive anomalies and alerts data table owners to check the source, but without flagging so many errors that owners become overwhelmed. - Uber Engineering

Algorithmic Colonization of Africa
“The continent would do well to adopt a dose of critical appraisal when regulating, deploying, and reporting AI. This requires challenging the mindset that portrays AI with God-like power and as something that exists and learns independent of those that create it. People create, control, and are responsible for any system." - SCRIPTed

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