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Analytics Dispatch 7/27/2020

The future of data governance

Webinar Tomorrow: The Future of Data Governance
Join us for a discussion on the future of data governance in a modern data stack and how enterprises should think about data governance within their own data architecture. Register now!

The Top 5 Most Popular Window Functions and How to Use Them
We were curious to understand which window functions are most commonly used, so we built a window (pun intended) into our customer’s usage of these types of calculations. - Mode Blog

A curated collection of blogs, articles, and papers describing how different companies have been using machine learning in production. - Eugene Yan

Writing Alt Text for Data Visualization
When charts have no alt text, a whole swath of people miss out on content that is necessary, just because it’s visual. This is a handy guide for making your data viz accessible to all. - Nightingale

“Playing the Whole Game”: A Data Collection and Analysis Exercise With Google Calendar
There are many teaching resources focused on data analysis, but not data collection. This exercise tackles both and is suitable for an early introduction in an undergraduate statistics or data science course. - Taylor & Francis Online

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