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Analytics Dispatch 7/20/2020

How to lead through a pandemic

How Five Data Leaders Are Leading Teams Through the Pandemic
Starting with the transition of working from home, leaders from Lyft, Intercom, Greenhouse, Sisu, and Patreon walked us through stories of pivots, rapid user growth, new metric adoption, and managing competing priorities. - Mode Blog

Data Analyst 3.0: The Next Evolution of Data Workflows
With the rise of cloud-native data warehouses and advancements in scalable inference methods, we’re now at the cusp of a third phase that not only affords better, faster processing of data, but also lets operational data analysts impact business decisions like never before. - Sisu

Atlas of Surveillance: Documenting Police Tech in Our Communities
This map of 5,300 data points shows 12 types of surveillance deployed by law enforcement, including license plate readers, facial recognition, cell-site simulators, drones, and Amazon’s Ring video-sharing partnerships with local law enforcement. - Electronic Frontier Foundation

Does Stress Impact Technical Interview Performance?
These findings show that traditional technical interviews assess performance anxiety, not software skills. That means companies are missing out on hiring talented employees just because those programmers aren’t good at writing on a whiteboard and explaining their work out loud while coding. - NC State University

Combating Anti-Blackness in the AI Community
“The aim of this work is to help community members better identify and understand the scale and scope of anti-Black bias within our AI community and illustrate some concrete steps that members can take to help mitigate these issues and build a more just community." - Devin Guillory

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