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Analytics Dispatch 3/16/2020

Data science at Stitch Fix

How Mode Went Completely Remote in 36 Hours, and 7 Tips We Learned Along the Way
"The combination of unified activity monitoring, digital accountability, and virtual togetherness processes allowed this largely non-remote group to transition eerily seamlessly into a remote workforce." - Mode Blog

Exponential Growth and Epidemics
Time for a math refresher. Exponential growth is a common phrase in our society but it's shocking how bad our intuitions can be at recognizing what it actually means. - 3Blue1Brown

Going Beyond SQuAD The Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD) has become the archetypal QA dataset for NLP modeling. The emergence of non-English SQuAD replicas means that NLP can be truly democratized. And it’s a good reminder that English is neither synonymous nor representative of natural language. - Towards Data Science

Cultivating Algorithms: How We Grow Data Science at Stitch Fix
In this interaction visualization, Stitch Fix presents the organizational structure, roles, and processes that define their way of working, and how it is different from the way data science operates at other companies. - MultiThreaded

Ten Considerations Before You Create Another Chart About COVID-19
“[T]he stakes are high around how we communicate about this epidemic to the wider public. Visualizations are powerful for communicating information, but can also mislead, misinform, and—in the worst cases—incite panic.” - Nightingale

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