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Analytics Dispatch 12/23/2019

Machine unlearning

2019 State of JavaScript
Get a look at the evolution of the JavaScript ecosystem, based on results from a survey of 21,717 developers (beautifully visualized, of course!). - State of JavaScript

Using Docker to Deploy an R plumber API
As a data scientist, you sometimes want to have code running in places that are not your computer. The good news: setting up a virtual machine isn’t as scary as you think! - T-Mobile Product and Technology

Want your analysis to get seen and used? Your audience craves certainty. Keep things simple and recommend an action for what the stakeholder should do next. - End-to-End Machine Learning Library

Getting Help In R: Do As I Say, Not As I've Done
The next time you get stuck in R, run through this list of tips. You’ll become a more self-sufficient R user because of it. - Sam Tyner

Machine Unlearning
"Once users have shared their data online, it is generally difficult for them to revoke access and ask for the data to be deleted. Machine learning exacerbates this problem because any model trained with said data may have memorized it, putting users at risk of a successful privacy attack exposing their information. Yet, having models unlearn is notoriously difficult." - Cornell University

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