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Analytics Dispatch 11/25/2019

Algorithms in the courtroom

Algorithms Were Supposed to Make Virginia Judges Fairer. What Happened Was Far More Complicated.
“[A] formula designed to reduce prison populations in Virginia led some judges to impose harsher sentences for young or black defendants, and more lenient ones for rapists.” - The Washington Post

How to Read and Write Data Files in Python
Bookmark this and save yourself a Google search. - End-to-End Machine Learning Library

Machine Learning Engineering
This book is offered as free to read on the “read first, buy later” principle. The first three chapters are available now, and you can sign up for the mailing list to get updated when more are added. - Andriy Burkov

A New palette() for R
R got a glow up! Here’s how to take the new color palette for a spin. - R Developer Blog

Film Flowers
This one’s just plain fun to look at. Top summer blockbusters are reimagined visually as flowers, using data about the movie (like genre and rating) to inform the shape, color, and petal type. - Shirley Wu

decorative particle

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