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Analytics Dispatch 11/12/2019

Finding consulting clients

Who says humor is subjective? This dataset (built using TED Talk transcripts with laughter cues) can be used for humor detection and other humor analyses. - Rochester Human-Computer Interaction

Data Science Foundations: Know Your Data. Really, Really, Know It
Really knowing your data means more than just understanding the data layout or organization. You need to go all the way down to get a look at how the data is collected and generated, too. - Towards Data Science

The Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus (ARC)
Brandon Rohrer offers high praise for this long read: “If you like to think deeply about building and measuring intelligence, I highly recommend this read. It's a cogent review of intelligence measurement, its challenges, past approaches, and their limitations. [And it] takes the brave step of proposing a path forward.” - François Chollet

How to Find Consulting Clients
If you’re thinking of striking out on your own as a data science consultant, your biggest fear is probably “How will I find work?” - Chris Achard

A machine learning Python package that finds and cleans label errors in any dataset for learning with noisy labels. - Curtis G. Northcutt

New from Mode

Big Values Are Here! This new chart type provides you with the power of Helix to visualize much larger datasets, the option to customize chart look and feel, and the ability to sort and apply filters. Watch this video to learn how to create your first Big Value.

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