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Analytics Dispatch 10/15/2019

AI deserts

List of Time Series Databases
If you’re building a product to support many large-scale time-series users, you’ll need to shop around for the right database. This list will get you started, with open-source and proprietary options. - Misframe

What Data Patterns Can Lie Behind a Correlation Coefficient?
To interpret a correlation coefficient, you're gonna need the corresponding scatterplot. - Jan Vanhove

Questions to Ask About Your Data
Print this comic out and keep it handy for anytime you’re doing exploratory analysis. - Julia Evans

AI Deserts
“Open any magazine, click randomly on any article on Medium, visit any public event at a think tank; chances are, concerns raised by the age of AI is the topic. Some of it will be bunk, some of it very thoughtful, but the topic is not exactly under-discussed. What is under-discussed is how unevenly this change will happen, because we misunderstand and overestimate the preconditions for AI outside the private sector." - Code for America Blog

Fantastic Fall Foliage ... and Where to Find It
Leaf peepers, listen up! - The Washington Post

New from Mode

Announcing Helix: Closing the Data Divide
In many organizations, the two major strands of analytical work - BI and data science - have often twisted and danced around each other, but remained separate. Until now. Here's how Helix is closing the data divide.

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