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Analytics Dispatch 8/26/2019

Lyft’s query engine

A Night Under the Stars
When’s the best time to pitch a tent at Yosemite or Yellowstone? This look at overnight stays at US national parks has you covered—and it’s a beautiful example of small multiples, to boot! - Jordan Vincent

Best Practices for Analyzing Large-scale Health Data From Wearables and Smartphone Apps
If you’re working with health data, you need to be mindful of the privacy, selection bias, and policy implications. - Nature

Machine Learning, Faster
“Speed is not a word that is regularly associated with machine learning teams. When we talk and write about accomplishments in machine learning, there is often a focus on the problem, the algorithmic approach, and the results—but no mention of the time that it took to get there.” - Neal Lathia

Simple Beginner’s Guide to Reinforcement Learning & Its Implementation
One of the research scientists at DeepMind gives this tutorial gets a ringing endorsement: “This is one of the first truly introductory tutorials of RL & Deep Learning I've seen. My kind of tutorial... lots of toy code examples and simple analogies!!!” - Analytics Vidhya

Presto Infrastructure at Lyft
Learn about the query engine that supports thousands of dashboards, 1.5K weekly active users, and a couple million queries every month. - Lyft Engineering

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