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Analytics Dispatch 7/1/2019

Why you swipe right

Why You Swipe Right
Using two months of swipes from his Tinder profile, one man evaluated his dating preferences. You might feel a bit voyeuristic, but this full series is worth a read for its examination of race and online dating. - Ajay Sharma

The BS-Industrial Complex of Phony A.I.
“For a while, we resisted the A.I. label, understanding that our platform wasn’t going to make Watson sweat anytime soon. But eventually, we gave up and just decided to kind of go along with the hype. The market wanted us to be an A.I. company so we chuckled and decided to call ourselves one.” - Gen

Building Lyft’s Marketing Automation Platform
Lyft built an ML system that automatically finds the best potential users to target, allocates the right budget for each ad, and sets the right amount to bid on each platform to maximize that budget. - Lyft Engineering

Word2vec: fish + music = bass
Get ready to chuckle at gems like “yeti – snow + economics = homo economicus” and “American Idol – singers = Project Runway.” - graceavery

Mutual Exclusivity as a Challenge for Neural Networks
Children use the mutual exclusivity bias to learn new words. Standard neural nets show the opposite bias, making it harder for them to learn in common scenarios. - Cornell University

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