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Analytics Dispatch 5/27/2019

Predictive grocery bills

Build Your Career in Data Science
While there are lots of good blog posts on individual topics, there really isn't one place people can go to get a better understanding of a data science career. Until this book! - Manning Publications

Grocery Bills Can Predict Diabetes Rates by Neighborhood
Dietary habits are notoriously difficult to monitor. By analyzing sales figures from London’s biggest grocer, data scientists were able to link eating patterns with local rates of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. - MIT Technology Review

The Agony and Ecstasy of Building with Data
This post on the pitfalls of A/B tests and data was written 6 years ago, but still holds up perfectly. - The Year of the Looking Glass

Type Stable Estimation
This paper argues that code objects in statistical software should match up with the actual mathematical objects involved in formal data modeling. - Aleatoric

How Data (and Some Breathtaking Soccer) Brought Liverpool to the Cusp of Glory
A good long read for your commute or Sunday morning. - New York Times Magazine

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