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Analytics Dispatch 5/13/2019

Stripe's ML infrastructure

Find Your Slow with profvis
profvis identifies problem patches in your R code that are slowing everything down, shaving satisfying seconds off the running time of your project. - Megan Stodel

The Data Science Mindset: Six Principles to Build Healthy Data-Driven Organizations
Do you want to make your organization more data-driven, but you're not sure where to start? Whether you're a business or technical leader, this detailed framework provides a lifecycle to structure the development of your data science projects. - InfoQ

Railyard: How We Rapidly Train Machine Learning Models With Kubernetes
Stripe trains hundreds of new models each day, each powered by billions of data points. Running infrastructure at this scale poses a very practical data science and ML problem: how do you give every team the tools they need to train their models without requiring them to operate their own infrastructure? - Stripe

The Reason I Am Using Altair for Most of My Visualization in Python
“At first, I was skeptical of using a wrapper of another library as my main visualization tool. Wrappers are often a bad idea. But Altair is different.” - Fernando Irarrázaval

An Algorithm Wipes Clean the Criminal Pasts of Thousands
When you see “criminal” and “algorithm” in a headline together, it's usually a sign the article will be about unfair bias. But not in this case! Code for America used an algorithm to automatically remove cannabis convictions from Californians' records, reducing a process that would have taken months to mere minutes. - BBC

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