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Analytics Dispatch 4/22/2019

Addicted to models

Discriminating Systems: Gender, Race and Power in AI
“The field of research on bias and fairness needs to go beyond technical debiasing to include a wider social analysis of how AI is used in context. This necessitates including a wider range of disciplinary expertise.” - AI Now Institute

One Model to Rule Them All
This post discusses the obsession with finding the best model and emphasizes what should be done instead: Take a step back and see the bigger picture in which the machine learning model is embedded. - bentoML

Writing a Letter to DataCamp
In the wake of a case of sexual misconduct at DataCamp, one instructor reflects on her relationship with the company, and why she doesn't want you to take her courses. - Julia Silge

Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model
“How much time do you need?” has a whole new meaning now. - Erik Bernhardsson

How to Filter in R: A Detailed Introduction to the dplyr Filter Function
There are many ways to filter in R. Consider dplyr filter for its user-friendly syntax, how easy it is to work with, and how nicely it plays with the other dplyr functions. - Michael Toth

Instagram Data Challenge - let's get started!
Build a beautiful data viz or unearth an unknown insight with Instagram data, and you could win $1,000! Submissions are due by April 30th, so get crackin'. - Panoply

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