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Analytics Dispatch 4/1/2019

Crimes against data viz

**Game of Thrones Reigns Supreme Among AT&T’s Assets. Here’s How We Used Wikidata’s Entities and Ontology to Find That Out. **
Six companies own most U.S. media. Given that each of these companies owns thousands of these types of assets, how do you determine which ones are the most important? - Engineering

Unsolved Research Problems vs. Real-world Threat Models
“I personally think adversarial examples are highly worth studying, and should inspire serious concern. However, most of the justifications for why exactly *they’re worrisome strike me as overly literal. I think much of the confusion comes from conflating an unsolved research problem with a real-world threat model.” - *Catherine Olson

Mistakes, We’ve Drawn a Few
A visual data journalist at The Economist shares their more serious crimes against data visualization over the last few years—and how she'd fix them. - The Economist

Excel Error, but Could Happen in Any Tool
JD Long sums up this post perfectly: it “walks through an analysis where the results depend on how null values are handled. Good reminder to 1) understand if data has nulls 2) be thoughtful about handling nulls 3) compare groups with/without nulls.” - Junk Charts

Nadieh Bremer, the Data Explorer: Numbers Are Much More Rational than Humans
A great read for anyone who's considering becoming a data viz freelancer. - Amsterdam JSNation

News from Mode

Get More Done With the New API Cookbook and Developer Docs
On the newly-revamped, you'll find an API cookbook with templates to automate common tasks, from updating queries to moving reports in batches.

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