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Analytics Dispatch 3/18/2019

DS vs ML vs AI

Advice for New Data Scientists
While this post is intended primarily for data scientists embedded in product teams, many of the tips can be generalized to any new hire in a tech role. - Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

10 things R can do that might surprise you
R is building on its solid data analysis foundations and is rapidly becoming an all-purpose connective language for data science. - Simply Statistics

What's the difference between data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence?
Whip this out the next time you tell someone you're a data scientist, and they ask “Does that mean you work on artificial intelligence?” - Variance Explained

Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent
Earlier this year IBM released a dataset of 1 million photos of people's faces designed to reduce bias in facial recognition software. These photos were obtained from Flickr, without users' knowledge or consent. - NBC News

Beware the data science pin factory: The power of the full-stack data science generalist and the perils of division of labor through function
This division of labor by function is so ingrained, we're quick to organize our data science teams accordingly: one person to source the data, one to model it, one to implement, etc. But when your product is still evolving and the goal is to learn, a generalist approach is the way to go. - MultiThreaded

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