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Analytics Dispatch 3/11/2019

The AI Diet

Empathy and the Art of Analytical Persuasion
Even the most sophisticated analysis is no match for an apathetic audience. Over years of practice, we've developed a framework for impactful, empathetic presentation of data. - Mode

What Every Data Scientist Needs to Know About SQL
This oldie but goodie will get you set up and working with relational databases in no time flat. - Joshua Lande

Using Deep Learning to “Read Your Thoughts” — With Keras and EEG
Saying a word in one’s mind, even if not spoken aloud*,* can result in the firing of the nerves controlling the muscles involved in speech. With some readily available equipment, you can train a model to classify these sub-vocalized words in less than a day. - Justin Alvey

The AI Diet
“Only recently, with the ability to analyze large data sets using artificial intelligence, have we learned how simplistic and naïve the assumption of a universal diet is. It is both biologically and physiologically implausible... A good diet, it turns out, has to be individualized.” - The New York Times

Modeling Censored Time-to-Event Data Using Pyro, an Open Source Probabilistic Programming Language
When churn models just weren't cutting it for Uber, they created their own language in Python to properly model the time from a user's first ride to their second. - Uber Engineering

News from Mode

Creating a Data-Driven Culture From the Inside Out Every company says that they're data-driven, but there's no clear manual for building an internally curious culture. Join us at Mode's HQ for a conversation with John Wessel of Fresh Water Systems on how he integrates data from the factory floor, to marketing teams, and the C-Suite.

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