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Analytics Dispatch 12/10/2018

How Instacart predicts grocery item availability

How to Develop the Five Soft Skills That Will Make You a Great Analyst
Soft skills tend to be more difficult to learn than hard skills, which is exactly why we all need to work on them. Here's a framework for assessing yourself and improving those skills. - Mode

Predicting the Real-time Availability of 200 Million Grocery Items
Ever wished there was a way to know if your favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor is currently available in a grocery store near you? Instacart’s machine learning team has built tools to figure that out. - Engineering at Instacart

What About the Emails?
How do the email messages from each U.S. Senate campaign during the 2018 election cycle differ by party? One surprising discovery: the sentiment scores across both Democratic and Republican campaigns are pretty similar. - Graham Tierney

State of Deep Learning : H2 2018 Review
“The growth rate of machine learning papers has been around 3.5% a month since July — which is around a 50% growth rate annually. This means around 2,200 machine learning papers a month and that we can expect around 30,000 new machine learning papers next year.” - Atlas ML

OneSoil: First Interactive Map With AI Detected Fields and Crops
This map displays crops on 57 million fields in the U.S. and Europe using open satellite imagery and AI. Clicking the “Random beautiful fields” button has the same soothing effect as looking out a plane window when you're flying over the countryside. - OneSoil

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