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Analytics Dispatch 12/3/2018

The evolution of chess

Chess Fans Booed This Year's World Championship, but Computers Cheered
Why do recent World Chess Championship games appear to be less exciting than in the past? This analysis of 82,000 WCC moves shows how the game has changed over time. - Mode

Convoys: a Library for Modeling Time-lagged Conversion Rates
When it takes a while for someone to convert, predicting conversions gets tricky. You know who converted, but if someone did not convert, they might still convert in the future. Survival analysis to the rescue! - Better

Level up from cron to Airflow with R on Your Macbook
You can use Airflow in the same way you might use cron to schedule and execute jobs. Here's how to get it up and running. - Cerebral Mastication

Earth Engine Data Catalog
Google Earth's public data archive includes more than forty years of historical imagery and scientific datasets, spanning climate, weather, and night-time light. - Google Developers

Real-time Process for Completing a Task in R
“I'm sitting down to start a task in R. I don't entirely know how to complete it. I'm going to try to document my process in this thread in real time.” This thread is really enlightening (and a relief for anyone who feels like half their job is Googling). - We are R-Ladies

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