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Analytics Dispatch 10/8/2018

Artwork personalization at Netflix

The CDC Is Publishing Unreliable Data On Gun Injuries. People Are Using It Anyway.
The CDC’s report of a steady increase in nonfatal gun injuries is out of step with a downward* trend shown in data from multiple independent public health and criminal justice databases. Since many journalists and researchers rely on CDC numbers, the uncertainty of the data has serious implications for the national-level understanding of gun violence. - *FiveThirtyEight

Data: A key requirement for your Machine Learning (ML) product
For all the PMs out there: here are some tips for how to talk about data in your Product Requirement Document for a machine learning product. - The Lever

A Review of the Neural History of Natural Language Processing
It's kind of crazy that neural network NLP is now old enough to have its own historical timeline. This post condenses about 15 years’ of work into eight milestones that impacted how these technologies are used today. - Aylien

Artwork Personalization at Netflix
Ever notice how the preview image for the same show or movie on Netflix changes whenever you log back in? Here's a peek into the system that figures out which piece of artwork is the best for convincing a particular member why that title is “for them.” - The Netflix Tech Blog

Chromebook Data Science
These free MOOCs exist so anyone with the ability to read, write, and do basic math can get into data science using nothing but a web browser and an internet connection. - Simply Statistics

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