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Analytics Dispatch 10/1/2018

Build your own deep learning computer

How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America?
In an age where we talk about political and ideological divides, our social bubbles are defined by something much simpler: distance. - The Upshot

Why building your own Deep Learning Computer is 10x cheaper than AWS
Avoid hefty cloud GPU costs by building a computer from scratch. - The Mission

Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders: Launch
This new course uses modern tools and libraries, including python, pandas, scikit-learn, and pytorch. Unlike many educational materials in the field, this approach is “code first” rather than “math first.” -

Experimentation & Measurement for Search Engine Optimization
When the Airbnb product team wanted to test new landing pages to boost SEO, they realized that a traditional A/B test wouldn't cut it. Here's the “market-level” framework they implemented to measure how the new pages affected traffic. - Airbnb Engineer & Data Science

The Role of an Analyst in the Age of the Citizen Data Scientist
What do analysts do when the people to whom they have been providing data begin to get that data for themselves? - Mode

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