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Analytics Dispatch 8/20/2018

The patriarchy of pockets

Women's Pockets are Inferior
Women have known for decades that their jean pockets are woefully inept at their primary function: to carry things. Now we have the data to prove it. - The Pudding

VerbiAge: Using NLP to help writers craft age-specific writing
This app for tailoring a book's description for a target K-12 age is a nice example of how machine learning can aid in creative tasks. - Insight

Capturing Data Evolution in a Service-Oriented Architecture
How Airbnb built a scalable, performant, reliable, lossless Change Data Capture service that enabled propagating and reacting to data mutations in real time. - Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

Adding Context to Your Analysis with Annotations
While it’s not the most thrilling task for a data team, keeping a record of the online and offline events that affect your business is a practice that is well worth the small time investment. Here are three ideas for integrating annotations into your workflow. - Locally Optimistic

Get More From Your Salesforce Data: 4 SQL Queries to Write First
This post walks through a sample report replicating common Salesforce CRM reporting in SQL, so you can more easily audit, adjust, and extend that analysis. - Mode

New from Mode

How We Learn Analytical Skills on the Job: Brian Libicki
One of Mode's product managers learned R as he helped build out Mode's Notebooks. - Mode

How We Learn Analytical Skills on the Job: Christin Price
Our Strategic Finance and Operations Manager switched from a reliance on Excel to building out reporting tools and data quality checks with SQL. - Mode

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